I’m an American woman who got my first taste of crazy nail art while living in Tokyo. As a proud East-West hybrid, I incorporate Asian and Western influences in my nail art. I consider each nail to be a tiny canvas and love the design challenges and possibilities that these small spaces offer.

Gothic fashion has been part of my life since I started dressing myself. I'm heavily influenced by Victorian era fashions and find myself most drawn to a more classical/vintage aesthetic, but I do go modern and have some spikes in my wardrobe (including on my nails from time to time!) 

My nail art work is often featured in print, photoshoots, editorials, catalogues and other media. Please don't hesitate to contact me for project work or custom design at www.nevertoomuchglitter@gmail dot com.

My Online Shop shipping worldwide is on Etsy!

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Besides for the nails, I’m a part-time artist. I love all things creative: taking photos, drawing, scrapbooking, printmaking, beading, etc.